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Barkhiya Trading & Exports

About Us

It’s been so many years, we are providing nature’s best Himalayan salt to people around the world. We are working with an ambition to make people aware of the countless benefits of natural salt. Our perfectly refined salt is not only healthy to eat but its various products prove extremely environment-friendly too. Our exports are expanded to many countries and we are known as a leading company on the international level. It isn’t just a business project for us but we aim to get the best use out of nature’s blessings. From mining to the final product, we make sure the uncompromised quality at all steps and that is why our salt is preferred in multiple regions.

BT&E is a certified company and we deliver top-quality salt products for both industrial and domestic use. We follow strict hygiene and food safety principals and that is why we hold a unique place in the industry. The salt lamps, candle holders, bath salt, décor pieces, and salt culinary items we make are all of the outstanding quality and can prove a great addition to your home. At BT&E, we have expert workers and chivalrous representatives who work with full dedication. Meanwhile, the long list of our satisfied clients and excellent global representation is what that speaks about the unbeatable quality of our salt.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a brand or you are working as an importer, BT&E is here to bring you the best. Our refined salt has a great impact in the field of aromatherapy as well. So those who want foot detoxifiers or aroma diffusers can also count on us. Besides, the healing effects and therapeutic properties of our salt are also not easy to beat. Our services in the field are quite remarkable as we have improved our procedures through years of experience. We focus on customer satisfaction and looking forward to getting the best use of technology for speedy refining process and better results.


At BT&E, experts ensure flawless quality of salt and keep an eye on the refining process too. We follow the exact requirements of our clients and deliver products without unnecessary delay. We believe that our fair policies and unbeatable quality are facts that have taken us to the leading position. It isn’t about local customers only but we are known as a trusted supplier on the international level.